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    Physician Billing Services in Chicago


    The process you need to focus on can only be handled appropriately when you have the support you need. At Physician Revenue Solutions in Chicago, IL, your medical claims can be processed quicker than with any other company. When you want to achieve a revenue cycle that offers you effective procedures, Physician Revenue Solutions is the medical billing company you want to get the job done for you. With these fast and effective services, you will achieve a maximized financial return in the shortest time period possible.


    We don’t write any of your claims off against a loss; we follow up and work to capture your payments for you through our collection process. This process is critical to your business needs and to bringing you a healthier financial position so that you can focus on the needs of your patients. Let us handle your due payments and collections while you give the care needed to those seeking your medical services.


    A denied claim often results in loss of money to a business. At Physician Revenue Solutions, we work to ensure denials are kept to a minimum and the returns on payments are received for your business. Our appeals process for denied claims has a 98% capture rate, making it one of the most successful claim resolution processes in the industry.

    A denial of a claim is not just the refusal of an insurance company to pay the bill, but a refusal to be held to a standing contract. Our team of experts will review the payment schedules and fees to ensure they are consistent and within the contractual agreements.


    Our expert claim workers use procedures that have proven to be the best way to ensure accurate and complete claims are submitted the first time a claim is submitted for approval.

    This helps to ensure you have a healthy revenue cycle for your claim process, giving you the stability you need in your business.


    When it comes to handling the balance due from a patient, we employ the leadership and care needed to help ensure your patients want to come back to you when they need medical attention. The balance left over after an insurance company has paid its portion is often not understood by a patient. At Physician Revenue Solutions, we work to explain the benefits in place and why a balance is present. We also help patients to set up a payment schedule that works well for them to ensure they can begin to pay off their portion of the medical bill.


    Many processes will keep payments in the A/R system for a month or more, but we understand the need to have these payments processed and turned over to you in order to help you have a smooth process for receiving money into your accounts. Our A/R process will ensure your payments are out of the system in 20 days or less and post within 24 hours of payment receipt. To learn more about medical billing, visit cms.gov

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