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    Once the patient has been cared for it’s time for the paperwork to begin, which is where Physician Revenue Solutions comes in. Located in Chicago, IL, we provide you with the medical billing management you need that allows you to focus on patient care.


    “The main goal is to get claims paid with the least amount of resources and at the least amount of cost. Getting claims paid requires a significant amount of time and continual education. It’s a big investment of resources because every payer has their own rules and nuances and it is hard for the staff in a busy medical practice to keep up with the daily changes as well as to follow up on unpaid claims. One of the biggest investments for practices is their billing software. An outsourced medical billing company can significantly reduce a practice’s overhead and direct expenses on things like the cost of continual education, computers and billing software, employee expenses and etc. Medical billers are experienced in getting claims paid quickly, so it makes good business sense for practices to outsource their billing to a medical billing company. Related solutions medical billers offer include compliance, training, credentialing, working on old unpaid claims and more.”

    Why you Should Pick Physician Revenue Solutions for your Medical Billing Management Needs 

    medical billing and coding experts in chicago, illinois

    The process of medical billing management and coding has developed over the years and become more difficult to decipher. Insurance companies need information delivered to them in a specific manner, which requires the solutions of a team that understands the coding and billing processes. At Physician Revenue Solutions we provide a comprehensive solution to make it much easier for you to focus on your practice. Our billing solutions include:

    Cloud-based software that’s highly functional but affordable

    Scalable solutions that grow with your company and its ever-changing needs. We are not “one-size-fits-all.”

    Detailed billing statements to ensure all expenses are spelled out

    Transparency is the name of the game, you will see everything clearly and know exactly where you stand. No more vague and confusing billing statements.

    Expertise with coding and billing audits

    Never miss a dollar due to incorrect coding. We work with you to get clear coding that maximizes revenue and cuts down on time spent in Accounts Receivable.

    Customized reports of your financial statements

    You aren’t just a number to us. We work with you directly on a first-name basis so you can have peace of mind when it comes to finances and revenue cycle management.

    Effective claim collection solutions

    We work hard to collect. Every dollar matters to us as much as it matters to you.

    Electronic portals for patients and you to make the process easier and more convenient

    Cut down on time wasted mailing claims and processes back and forth. A one-stop online presence that works for you.

    Speedy turnaround times for claims

    Industry-leaders in getting claims out of AR and into your revenue stream. Getting you paid fast.



    Security is a priority for us, as is transparency. Your data and revenue numbers are secure with Physician Revenue Solutions.

    A process that is both ethical and trustworthy

    We have decades of experience and dozens of satisfied customers. We believe in 100% transparency and working with you every step of the way.

    Focus on patient relations to ensure you won’t lose referrals

    Let us handle billing and revenue cycle management so you can focus on what matters most, providing the best care and treatment for your patients.

    Highly competitive rates

    Flexible rates to scale with you and your growing business means you’re maximizing savings and revenue.


    No hidden costs

    10,000% Transparency = 100% Transparency x 100% of the Time!

    Industry-leading denial management tracking (we have some of the lowest denial rates in the business)

    A reputation of 98% clean claim submission (industry leader)

    We are experts in coding. Meaning you don’t spend a lot of time waiting in Accounts Receivable.


    Consultations that give you a full picture of your claims situation and revenue cycle management

    Consultations are free of charge and offer you a full picture of what PRS can offer you.

    An appeals process that offers a winning record, we work to get the last $ as hard as the first.

    The ability to analyze benchmarks for both carriers and the industry, integrating into actionable intelligence and Key Performance Indicators you can use to succeed in your business.

    Outsourcing of the revenue cycle

    Means cost savings for you and a dedicated team experienced in the complexities of medical billing management and revenue cycle management.


    Credentialing to make sure you are up to date and able to file proper claims and get paid quickly.

    We are credentialing specialists and work with you to file all the proper paperwork. We are more than just a billing company.

    Resources and affiliations with other professionals

    We are constantly working with others in our industry to institute best practices.

    Schedule a Practice Management Consultation in Chicago, IL

    To learn more about Physician Revenue Solutions, or to schedule a consultation to help your practice management system, fill out our contact form or call us at (847) 595-1633.

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