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    Due to evolving requirements and the fact that many pediatric patients receive Medicaid, pediatric billing can be incredibly complex and mercurial. Working with the experts at Physician Revenue Solutions in Chicago, IL means being on top of changes and never being caught by surprise by shifting requirements. Getting revenue in a timely manner is our core mission.

    Ambulatory Surgical Centers

    Does your practice have an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) attached to it? If so, this provides a unique mix of provider and facilities building unique to those who conduct procedures outside of a traditional hospital. Because of our experience in the medical billing field, Physician Revenue Solutions is uniquely situated to help your practice with complex coding and billing needs for your ASC.


    Because cardiology practices offer such a wide array of procedures and solutions, billing can quickly turn complicated. The team at PRS understands this and is ready to handle a cardiology practice’s most advanced billing, credentialing, and reporting needs.


    Medical dermatology practices are always adding new devices, solutions, and procedures that can add complexity to medical billing and coding. We stay at the forefront of payor trends and changes, which means we know how to help your dermatology practice adapt to change.

    Emergency Medicine 

    Emergency medicine billing presents a unique set of challenges. For practices dealing in emergency medicine, billing is often dependent on data gathered from a hospital or surgical facility, this can lead to information being missing or improperly input, which can lead to denials. PRS has some of the highest acceptance rates in the industry, meaning we are constantly innovating to make sure you get paid and your revenue cycle goes smoothly.


    Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctors, also known as Otorhinolaryngology, is a multi-faceted practice involving patients of all ages and conditions. The experts at PRS understand these complexities and can help your practice change with the evolving market and coding requirements.

    Family Medicine 

    Comprehensive family medicine presents the widest diversity of patients in terms of ages and conditions. There are a lot of opportunities to maximize billing, so a deep knowledge of coding is a must. PRS prides itself on knowing the coding intricacies of family medicine, ensuring your practice maximizes value and is able to focus on patients young and old.


    Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s) are important to smaller, rural communities across the country. A complex revenue stream along with other issues can create tight budgets and razor-thin margins for these pillar institutions. The team at PRS understands these challenges and can work with you to maximize your revenue so you can continue to provide important care to your community.


    When it comes to gastroenterology, understanding how coding can change and evolve is vital, especially for patients with complex needs and diagnoses. PRS has years of experience working in this niche specialty, which means they know how to best handle coding and reporting needs.

    Internal Medicine 

    For an internal medicine practice, frequent changes to medical billing codes and filing requirements can make it very difficult to keep up. PRS are experts at the evolving medical billing solutions landscape. From credentialing to reporting, we are ready to assist your internal medicine practice.

    Mental Health

    Mental health billing is a complex, delicate, and evolving part of the medical industry. Rule changes for coding and compensation are constantly in flux, meaning providers can sometimes be left unsure of what to do. The team at Physician Revenue Solutions is at the forefront of the latest coding and billing best practices. Working with the PRS team means you’re on the right track to getting clean coding and consistent revenue.


    Neurology is a multi-faceted specialty that evolves and requires knowledge of coding, credentialing, and the latest changes. PRS stays at the forefront of these issues, so we’re ready for whatever challenge comes.


    The challenges for OB/GYN billing are some of the biggest in all of medicine. Our nimble and innovative team can help you stay ahead of changes, ensuring claims are paid in a timely manner. From routine check-ups to the complexities of working with a hospital for births, we are with you every step of the way to get your proper claims processed and paid.


     We offer a range of medical billing and coding solutions to take your Ophthalmology practice’s unique needs into account.


    Orthopedic billing covers a plethora of solutions and procedures. Orthopedic medical billers are required to know everything from the coding and billing process, to payor specific guidelines. We work in order to be proactive and ensure practices receive revenue without delay. We will work with you to code procedures and diagnosis codes properly

    Pain Management 

    Pain management is a unique billing specialty that requires knowledge of the latest reimbursements for both procedures and treatments. PRS focuses on these unique specialties, bringing attention and expertise many other firms lack.


    Due to evolving requirements and the fact that many pediatric patients receive Medicaid, pediatric billing can be incredibly complex and mercurial. Working with the experts at PRS means being on top of changes and never being caught by surprise by shifting requirements. Getting revenue in a timely manner is our core mission.

    Pediatric Behavioral Health/ABA Therapy

      ABA Therapy, short for Applied Behavioral Analysis is a way of treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The name “applied behavior analysis” is a replacement from the previous term “behavior modification”. ABA tries to change behavior by first assessing the functional relationship between a targeted behavior and the environment. The ABA approach seeks to develop socially acceptable alternatives for aberrant behaviors. New guidelines and rising cases of ASD mean healthcare providers need to be at the forefront of billing and coding best practices. The team at PRS is constantly examining changes to payor strategy, meaning we know how to code and bill effectively to maximize revenue for your pediatric behavioral health practice.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy presents a challenge for providers due to the complexity of patient cases and unique payment structures. PRS, located in Chicago, IL, is well-versed in how compensation works for physical therapy for both facilities and service billing, our expertise ensures your billing is as error-free and simple as possible.

    Surgical Billing

    Practices engaged in billing for surgeries often have to deal with coding and information that is out of their hands and coming from a third party. This can be riddled with errors and cost you money down the road. PRS understands these issues and will work with you to make sure your code is clean. We have one of the lowest denial rates in the industry, meaning we work that much harder to make sure you get every dollar you deserve.


    Urology billing is complex, especially if your practice has its own ambulatory surgery center. We stay up to date on the latest payor trends and changes and are well-versed in the nuances of urology billing.

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