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    We’re proud to work with a diverse group of clients representing a variety of specialties and practice sizes. Here are what a few of the most satisfied clients have to say about Physician Revenue Solutions in Chicago, IL.

    “Before PRS I was doing insurance billing myself or getting bad service from other billing companies. It has been a monumental relief putting our billing services in a trustworthy and efficient company like Physician Revenue Solutions. The time I have saved from billing, battling with insurance, and sorting out codes is worth every cent! The team is very reliable and I highly encourage companies in need of exceptional billing services to contact PRS. I promise they will be as satisfied as we have been.”

    “They have been a great addition to my practice. I highly recommend Physician Revenue Solutions. My collections have greatly increased with their assistance. They’ve always been available to answer my questions. PRS is on top of the game like few others.”

    “We have used Physician Revenue Solutions for 3 years. They respond to questions rapidly and have made great suggestions along the way to improve collections efficiency. The billing system that they implemented worked seamlessly. We have used a number of billing companies in the past and settled on Physician Revenue Solutions; less hassle, more efficient.”

    “Physician Revenue Solutions has the expertise, dedication, and knowledge to quickly and accurately manage my patient coding and billing service. The team assists my office with the necessary skills and support to keep my cash flowing and the time in accounts receivable short and relatively small.  It would be too expensive to try to employ a full-time staff member to do the job that PRS is able to do for my team. Changing to PRS from my former billing service was an outstanding decision to increase my bottom line immediately.”

    “I have been a client of PRS for years. Their dedication to detail in collections and customer service has been nothing short of outstanding. They are detail-oriented, focused, and persistent. My front office loves working with them and we consider PRS to be an integral part of the team”

    “Since day one, Physician Revenue Solutions has delivered on all their promises. Their team is highly organized and knowledgeable plus, they pay great attention to detail and treat each and every claim with individual focus. I highly recommend Physician Revenue Solutions to any physician office that needs a diligent and hardworking billing and revenue cycle management company that effortlessly becomes an extension of their own”.

    “In 2016, the talented team at Physician Revenue Solutions helped me build a very successful practice. They supported me with a very knowledgeable, helpful, and hardworking team of professionals who provided me with the most efficient medical billing and practice management services, thereby giving me the ability to prioritize my efforts on providing outstanding patient care.”

    “We have been using PRS billing for years now for our practice. They were referred to us by a colleague. Not only are they great at medical billing but they’ve helped us stay on up to date on all of the insurance applications and renewals. The team is responsive and has been wonderful to work with over the years.”

    “Bart and his staff at PRS prudently and legally get you the money you have worked hard to earn. They will also help you stay compliant with the constant changes which are a part of the billing and coding side of healthcare. I love my patients, but I am also motivated by financial success, Physician Revenue Solutions have helped me meet my revenue goals without isolating the very people responsible for my success- my patients.”

    “Something we find so critical is communication and follow-up, not only for patients but for us providers. Since making the transition to PRS we’ve found the team to be more responsive, willing to talk through pain points and work to find solutions. We deal with complex cases in our specialty, but the ability to collaborate with the billing and coding team allows us to take the best approach to better serve our patients. We look forward to seeing what PRS can further do for us in 2020 and the future.”

    “PRS gave us phenomenal support and professionalism in assisting us with our new practice! The knowledge of the billing team has made this just amazing!”

    “Several years ago, I decided to establish my own practice. Bart Nowak and his staff were one of my greatest assets during this process. They provided me with all the information, guidance, and resources I didn’t even know I needed. As a physician, I feel that all my professional needs were understood and addressed, and Physician Revenue Solutions was very dedicated in ensuring my business will be a success. Medical billing is just one of the facets of the many exceptional services offered by Mr. Nowak and his team.”

    “I am incredibly pleased with the knowledge and quality of services that Physician Revenue Solutions provide. They make attention to detail a top priority. Our reimbursements are maximized to their full potential and their committed service has resulted in a decrease in our accounts receivable. Irina Martynova and her staff are quick to respond to inquiries from our physicians and I can always depend on them for getting the job done right in the timeliest manner possible.”

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